Create a Competitive Pricing Strategy!

Use data-driven insights as a resale price checker with Vendoo analytics to set a competitive pricing strategy & help you master reselling on all marketplaces, including Poshmark, Depop, eBay & more!

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View Insights on Sold Items
Compare where items sell and how much they sell for across marketplaces.

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View Previously Sold Items
Compare active and sold prices across the top marketplaces.

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Compare Marketplace Fees
Visibility into where you take more profit based on marketplace fees.

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Become more Competitive
Have a competitive pricing strategy to generate more sales.

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Get Access to Insights as a Vendoo Reseller!

The Advantages of Having a Pricing Strategy:


Seamlessly Sort, Filter and Manage Your Inventory-58

Having a competitive pricing strategy is an important part of a seller’s success because many buyers search and filter items by price.

Improve your way of selling with Analytics icon-55

Determining the best listing price for your item should be based on each marketplace’s core audience. 

Delist & Relist items with just a few clicks icon-54

Turn your data into a reseller price checker tool that will allow you to make smarter listing decisions based on your personal historical data.

Vendoo helps resellers set competitive prices and maximize their profit margins. Check out these articles that include actionable tips and insights on how resellers can use data to their advantage.


Vendoo Analytics

Vendoo empowers you to analyze your reselling business with its user-friendly analytics dashboard. Through graphs and charts, Vendoo provides insights into your revenue, profit, sales volume, and top-performing brands and categories across all connected marketplaces. You can customize your analysis by filtering the data by day, week, month, quarter, or specific date range.